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I'm finishing up a job for one of my best customers today, it was a pleasure, as was her last house she had me do. But now comes a showdown for the potential next. About 2 weeks ago I was referred to a woman by a contractor friend I have done enormous amounts of work for, so went to look at the job. Spray some crown and dental work, a built in, some doors. Hit some lids. Pretty cut and dry but she was already showing some red flags which I will spare yall in the interest of brevity, but suffice it to say she thinks I am hungry. I left the meeting saying it would be about 2.5 weeks before I could get started. went back to my office and sent her a formal estimate. She responded via email accepting and told me when the time comes to give her three days so she could prep the area. Cool. 2.5 weeks brings us to next week, and I was planning calling her right away to give that time. Yesterday I get an email saying sorry for the delay but that she was meeting with a sellers agent who might have more or different tasks to add to the project, and that she was looking forward to working with me. A few hours later, this was yesterday she texted me saying again she was meeting with the realtor and she was probably going to have her own estimate (from another painter) and wanted to know if I could give her some parameters as to how I charge so I can compare with the other painter, or could I come out and give a quote I texted back saying I would prefer to look at the new items but couldn't until tomorrow, (today at around 11). No response for several hours. I began thinking about how this woman has attempted to control and manipulate thus far, and also how I had her project on my schedule although not set in stone it was thought to be in agreement, and she accepted in writing. Now she is changing the scope and attempting to bring me into a bidding war with another painter which I would never do, especially after what has already been settled in my opinion. Just before I texted her I was not interested she sends back sure. Ok, so now I am going out there again to see what has changed, and what she has up her sleeve. I would have already said no and moved up my next job into her slot had she not been a referral from a friend. I don't know if she is in breech of contract or if I even care at this point, but if I end up losing a few days work because she feels I'm just a painter and she can manipulate me than my principals will get in the way I have no doubt. I'm basically going out there because I will already be in the area, and am curious as to what she is thinking. I also want to have more grounds to explain to my buddy why she is a flake so he will understand better (she describes herself on her FB as a philosopher and yoga teacher. This should be good. I was wondering if you guys would stay, walk, or run.
Category: Painter Post By: TONI YANG (Vallejo, CA), 07/26/2019

Since you already have some time invested I would go and do another quote for the addons. No big deal. I usually do a medium type proposal with every room or area displayed in the subtotal. My software also breaks down the proposal for every task which is a much more detailed estimate. I never do a detailed quote because I don't think the customers should be given every little price detail of a job. I don't want to have them come back and ask me about the cost of every little thing. I suspect the Realtor might have looked at your quote and referred another painter he or she has worked with before. I feel your pain. You basically had a signed contract and she is not honoring it. I can see why you might not want to work with her now. You can still get control of the situation and do things your way. Doing another quote is no biggy but helping her compare apples to apples is up to you to decide. As you know some painters can be sneaky and try to get away with things the homeowner may never find out.

- KELLY PAGE (San Jose, CA), 08/24/2019

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